Withington Manor

Ginny headed to Milton Keynes last week knowing it would be a tough jumping track for both Hamilton and Eires Rock in the Novice and the Advanced, but they coped and made it feel very easy.

The ground was amazing and the courses were beautifully built, causing many problems in the Showjumping and cross country. However, this was an excellent opportunity for proper jumpers so ideal for both Hamilton and Eires Rock. 

Hamilton was unusually on his toes for his dressage test and did not score the mark he should but he jumped well in the up-to-height and spooky Showjumping rolling just one pole as he lost concentration by the marquees and flags. The cross country asked plenty of questions, with the undulating ground and bold fences it was ideal preparation for his CIC* at Rockingham Castle later in May. Hamilton went clear and took it all in his stride. 

Eires Rock was beautifully behaved for his dressage, remaining calm in his test which he usually struggles with. Ginny was especially pleased with his walk which is typically his weakest movement, but not at Withington scoring two 8.4’s for his extended walk. This was his best test to date and all the hard work that Ginny has been putting in seems to be paying off. His flying changes still need a lot of work but his dressage is definitely heading in the right direction.   

The Showjumping was typically big and square for Withington. Eires Rock rolled just two poles but felt great around the course which caused endless issues for the other riders. The Advanced cross country had a tricky combination of a wide, up-to-height box on a turn then four strides to a left handed corner followed by another left corner on three strides; all of this on the side of a hill. Needless to say, this caused many problems and proved very influential so early on in the course.  There were plenty of other questions and wide oxers throughout the course including a number of Olympic featured fences. Eires Rock jumped brilliantly to go clear and was accurate to all the questions showing the other competitors how it’s done. Now on good form, Ginny will be heading Eires Rock to Houghton CIC***

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