3 out of 4 D/C!

Day One:
CHF Archie owned byJane-Nen Blakesley-Grimes was very happy to be out, he did a lovely test with some relaxation to work on but maintained his excitement to be back out on grass. He followed this up with a super clear SJ and an equally great XC round just a little strong at the start then finding his rhythm and jumping beautifully. To finish 12th.

Interlaken W, owned by myself and Nicky Bennell was having his 1st run since Hartpury back in August. The pro that he is and his impeccable temperament you would never have known. An average DR but most things done in the right places. Then a brilliant clear SJ, sadly the just adding a green moment 20 penalties XC to his score after giving me a fantastic ride around the Novice track.

Day Two:
Undalgo De Windsor, came out ready to party... standard for him!!
Feeling particularly clever after his last run at 5*,I was ready for his intermediate run to be somewhat enthusiastic!
He worked in brilliant for his DR, but got a little tense whilst in the arena. Him knowing the test certainly didnt help as he anticipated many movements. Scoring 35. He then jumped and effortless D/C. Was great having him back out XC doing what he loves... I had best get this all important Badminton entry in now!!

Trendy Captain Clover Owned by Antonia Kaye and Milly Kaye Mr Consistent once again, very jolly to be playing on grass but never the less a lovely dressage to score 31. A foot perfect D/C from him, a speedy XC to finish 10th in a very competitive OI section littered with Badminton horses!

Can't thank everyone enough for their help, support and enthusiasm in this delightful british weather it's really not been easy!! 

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