Upton House and Dauntsey Park

Upton House

Ginny spent two days at Upton House competing her younger horses in the Novice and BE100. It was a good first day with Strattonstown Smartie and Bobbydazzler Man, in the local BE100 class. 

Bobby Dazzlerman is getting better and better week by week and scored an impressive 26 in his dressage. Sadly he had one rail down in the Showjumping but flew around the cross country course inside the time to finish fourth in his section. 

Strattonstown Smartie enjoyed his second ever party scoring 34 in his dressage test which was much improved. This was followed by a fantastic double clear to also finish fourth in his section. 

Back to Upton for day two, this time with the Novice horses Zztop and Greenlough Dave.

Zztop did a much more settled test, to score in the high thirties so there is still a lot of work to do but he is heading in the right direction. He found the Showjumping a little too easy and rather on the small side, so did not give his full concentration and consequently had a silly four faults but followed by a fabulous clear around the cross country course. 

Greenlough Dave also had a brilliant day. Ginny commented that he has come such a long way in a short space of time in only his first season eventing. He scored 36 in his dressage test with a few errors. This was followed by a fantastic double clear to finish ninth in his section.

Dauntsey Park

It was an absolutely scorching day at Dauntsey Park last week with Bobby Dazzlerman and Strattonstown Smartie back out again. 

Nevertheless, neither horse minded the heat too much. Bobby Dazzlerman kept up his consistency in his dressage to score 35. With one pole down in the Showjumping followed by a great clear cross country round the up to height track, he finished in an impressive sixth place. 

Strattonstown Smartie was a little on his toes and scored a disappointing dressage mark. He unfortunately rolled a couple of poles in the Showjumping but went brilliantly cross country to go clear.

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