What a journey it has been so far with Arlo (CHF Captain Jacob), owned by Jane Blakesly Grimes. He has come a long way from his early days as a green and weak 4-year-old from Ireland and has blossomed into a now gleaming 7-year-old. He has certainly been showcasing his talents over the last few months, stepping up for his first Intermediate and 3*S performances.

A top 10 finish at Cirencester Park

Arlo absolutely bossed his first Intermediate, overcoming tricky conditions in the 7-year-old class at Cirencester Park! He got off to a great start, lying 3rd after the dressage with a score of 28.4. Despite a somewhat muddy show jumping arena he jumped really well, trying so hard and just picking up an unlucky 4 faults in the combination. This left us well set for cross country, which is where he really shines. He is a fantastic cross country horse and trusts me implicitly. He had not run in ground quite like that before, let alone at the next level up, but I wouldn’t have even known it was muddy! He was so honest. He cruised round, galloping and jumping; just adding a few time faults to finish 6th.

This horse means everything to me. From the day he arrived, I was certain he would be a superstar. He just keeps on giving. It’s an incredibly emotional and gratifying feeling to be sat on a horse that gives you the feeling that, in not too long, we could be at the top of the sport together.

First 3*S at Osberton International: A Star in the Making

Seven-year-olds really don't come better than Arlo. Not only did he complete his first intermediate event, but he also tackled his first 3*S, proving he's not-so-baby Arlo anymore! The 3* track at Osberton was one of the toughest I've seen, made even more challenging by torrential rain. Arlo, however, once again tried his heart out. 

The dressage had plenty of room for improvement, with many of the movements all rather new and not fully established. The show jumping actually felt green, although the score on paper didn’t reflect it (being one of the last to jump the combinations were muddy in places and he got a bit stuck in the mud). But when we got to the cross-country, Arlo truly excelled. Even though it was equally as muddy in places, he remained so honest and full of confidence and jumped a super clear, feeling class the entire way round! The brilliant track asked many questions and was clever course designing. It was a shame for the overnight rain as it really was looking fantastic. Thanks to Bede Events for providing an educational and challenging cross country course for both horse and rider.

Arlo's progress has been so exciting, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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