Cirencester Park

Great to get our first event underway for 2022!

Sunday was my first event with the 3 new boys:

Monbeg Whisper, Auburn Turvey and Cu Chulain.

Definitely a getting to know them run but the 3 of them have been beautifully produced, A great start to building the partnerships and plenty to work on together. Really looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Monday 'Birthday' Outing!

CHF Archie and Sixmilewater in the Intermediate.
Ballinamurra Changsha in the Novice.

CHF Archie, did some great posh trotting for 32, a really unlucky pole and a super clear XC. He is feeling very established at this level. Sixmilewater, also did a nice test for 34. Trialing a new bit in the SJ, which we came to the conclusion is not the one! Never the less jumping well. Then keen and bold XC but likewise this bit change is not the one! He loves his job and is so scopey just a case of managing his ability!

Ballinamurra Changsha, had a very long day! She did her PB dressage of 22, a super clear SJ, but sadly after a substantial wait down at the XC she was a little switched off and not her usual self.

A mixed first event but so many positives and makes me excited for what is install for the next few events! Lots to work on but all such talented horses.

Thank you to the whole team over the weekend for having the boys and girl looking so great!




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