Cornbury Intermediate 

Sixmilewater: 31 D/C. This gorgeous boy owned by Nicky Bennell had so far had 4 brilliant runs with me and then he certainly took on Cornbury like a super star I know he is! A really lovely dressage to score 31 in the white boards. Jumping the best to date and feeling like we are building a great partnership in both the SJ and XC. A great clear over the coloured poles making the up to height and technical track seem like a BE100. He absolutely loved the XC, jumped and galloped his way round making it feel very easy. Particularly keen in places, wanting to get on with all the questions and having the best time. A great clear adding just a few time faults to finish just outside the top 10. Next stop the 7yo Championships at Osberton, where we will take on his first 3*S.


Ballinamurra Changsha -this mega little mare turned into a 2* horse for her owner. Her first long arena test and tailcoat outing, she tried so hard with her posh trotting to score 31 in a very competitive section. The following day it was an early start for the SJ, by far the biggest, most atmospheric arena she will have been in but she jumped really well, just one down but a lovely round. The XC was certainly her most challenging to date but she loved it and felt super confident the whole way round. She has definitely got the hang of the hills and looking for the next fence, to come home Clear and only adding time to finish top 20 in the big International section.
So proud of how far she has come this season, having been a happy hack for the last few years for her owner Pippa and now she's a 2* Horse!
Cavorting Kandy - This little mare is my own homebred 6yo, having not competed in her 5yo year, I can't believe she has jumped around 2 novices with ease and already seems to know her job. 4 BE100's under her belt, the 1st in July, I knew Cornbury would be a big ask, I went in with the view of taking it phase by phase, and was not going to take any risks that might put her off for the future having been over faced.
A very respectable dressage of 33, still somewhat wobbly and not established on the flat so I couldn't have been happier. The SJ was spooky and up to height not to mention the atmospheric arena. She is a very careful mare and gives plenty of height over her fences and doesn't always make up enough ground down distances but she jumped really well, just one down and was somewhat keen all the way round. I decided to take her XC and although it was a big track it was very fair and inviting! She jumped brilliantly, gained in confidence and experience all the way round. Jumping a great clear, a few green moments but always confident and knowing to jump between the flags. She learnt so much. 

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