Aston Le Walls - 4 full on days!

Day 1 of 4 - Advanced boys 
Firstly, what an amazing job the team at Aston did. Very challenging weather but the XC rode so well and my boys clearly didn't mind a bit of mud! Undalgo De Windsor, did a lovely calm test and we pulled off our changes, scoring 35. Followed by a careful clear in the SJ and being his usual bold self XC for a great clear!
Trendy Captain Clover did great posh trotting too and scored 33. He was on springs in the SJ and made nothing of the track for another clear.
He stormed around the XC and loved every second, for a clear just adding a few time faults to finish 8th!
CHF Archie, made nothing of his first advanced and didn't really know what all the fuss was about! A 38 in the dressage, with lots of movements that need establishing and huge amounts to work on but tried hard and very exciting for the future. Jumping is certainly his favourite phase and he could put all his jumping gates out of mud into practice! An easy clear SJ and an equally easy clear XC, running steady just coming home with time but an advanced qualification.
Day 2 and 3 - the highs and lows of eventing!

Day 2- Intermediate
Interlaken W got off to a good start with a nice test, lots to still work on at this level but a respectable 33. He show jumped really well, although a couple of poles, I was pleased with his way of going and his forwardness in the round. Sadly XC wasn't his day, being rather green in places and a bit too cautious! Off for some more training!
Confession Time, 7yo, did a jolly test but contained his excitement of the XC running past his arena to score 32! He jumped really well in the SJ, but 2 poles to add at the triple when he became somewhat distracted, which was a shame. He made nothing of the XC, and proving to be as bold as ever. A steady clear for him but giving me a brilliant ride!
Day 3- Novice
Another early start and a little bit more muddy!
The small but mighty Ballinamurra Changsha took on her 2nd novice like a pro! A lovely dressage with a few wobbles but a 31. She had springs in her shoes and jumped a great round SJ, an unlucky pole to add. A fab clear XC round showing just how exciting she will be and capable of moving up the grades.
Diamond Court also did some great posh trotting, he's becoming more and more established in this phase, scoring 32 in his 2nd novice.
Unfortunately today his SJ let us down. Making a mistake early on and then became unsettled leaving us with rather alot of poles to add! Then decided not to run him XC. A good couple of days but the not so good always keeps us grounded as riders. Just shows what a roller coaster this sport can be! We never stop learning!
4th and final day!
So lovely to take out my homebred for her 3rd event (despite feeling a little on the tired side!) Cavorting Kandy has definitely got the hang of this eventing malarkey! I can even say she doesn't mind any ground condition! A lovely chilled test for her to score 31, followed by a very grown up SJ round to go clear. She loved the XC and even added a few extra jumps...of puddles! A super clear inside the time to finish 4th!!
The team at Aston really did an incredible job, keeping the weekend running smoothly despite the weather being somewhat challenging.  THANK YOU! 
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