A 4am start and just over a 3.5 hour drive to the other side of Grantham with CVS Indian Summer and About time Too. 

CVS Indian Summer was competing in her 2nd Intermediate. She worked in beautifully and was very much more settled that Calmsden. She had pointy toes and did a lovely test scoring 32, lying 3rd after the dressage. She jumped really well in the SJ making it feel very easy, but just tapping one pole which she hardly touched, and was VERY unlucky.
The XC was wide and bold, with plenty of questions. She took these on and loved every second. She made the step up feel a very easy one and Ginny cant wait for next season after this fantastic run!

About Time Too, had a lovely run around the novice to complete his season after what has been a busy one for him. He did a lovely 28 dressage, and a perfect double clear adding a few time to finish 10th. 

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