Happy Christmas!

Not long till Father Christmas comes and things are almost back to normality at the Ginny Howe Eventing yard. Box rest has paid off for Ginny; she is healing well and has been back on board the horses after their winter break. They all seem to have come in all the better for some time off - if a little festively plump - and have come back into walk/trot work and are glad to be busy again. 


Lots of thanks go out again from Ginny to those who have helped keep everything run so smoothly whilst she has been off. A special mention must also go to her amazing and very patient owners and sponsors.

Shannondale Sparky and Gamblers Image remained in light work over the last few months and have enjoyed their hacking. Sparky has developed a lot over the last couple of months and is now looking forward to heading out to BSJA next week.

There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for 2014, so here is to hoping it’s even bigger and better than 2013.

Wishes from Ginny to all her followers, supporters, friends, owners, sponsors and those who support British Eventing for a very Happy Christmas and we will see you in the New Year!


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