Hartpury 3*L

8yo CHF Archie tried so hard in his dressage test, scoring a slightly harsh 36 but it was far from a dressage competition. 

On to XC day - his toughest, longest and most demanding track to date. It caused so many problems, meaning an even later XC start time, going XC at 6.50pm, was certainly challenging and tough as a rider to remain in a good mindset. Archie gave me a fantastic ride and made the tough track feel easy, jumping a great clear, adding more time than I would like but he finished fit, well and confident after jumping tricky combinations with very few let up fences. 

He powered up the hills right up to the end and proved him self to be total class, so genuine and brave! With only 52% jumping clear and problems all over the course. 

On the last day he just had an unfortunate pole bit finished very well and his next stop will be Blenheim CCI4*S 8/9yo!

CHF_Archie_XC_Hartpury.jpg  CHF_Archie_Hartpury.jpg
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