19 Hours Eventing at Sapey!
7th Knights Escapade
9th Hamilton

The earliest start to date and off to Worcestershire's Sapey Horse Trials with CVS Indian Summer, Knights Escapade, Eyesnosebest and Hamilton all competing in the novice!

CVS Indian Summer, did a really lovely test, despite not being given the mark she deserved. Her trot work was elevated and accurate, as was her canter. She scored 35. Hamilton was rather excited, and showing off a little too much, and generally being a complete comedian! Scoring 38.

Eyesnosebest did her best test to date, she felt very settled and did an accurate test with some really exciting work, scoring 31. Lastly, Knights Escapade also did a really promising test scoring 33.

The show jumpng phase was up to height and a little sticky in the ring despite being rather firm in the warm up. The horses on the whole coped well. Hamilton jumped a great round, knocking just one pole, even though he pulled off a shoe half way round! 

CVS Indian Summer warmed up fantastic and felt brilliant but sadly the sticky going stole her jump a little which was such a shame. Eyesnosebest jumped the best round ever and a fantastic clear, as did Knights Escapade - clearly their hunting has paid off this year!

Onto the XC and it was certainly a huge step up for all the horses! There were plenty of combinations, and new questions, in particular the 5 AB angled hedges and bounce combination on the brow of a hill after a steep drop down. Later in the course a log corner combo and the water complex with plenty to look at for early in the season!

CVS Indian Summer, felt great and was foot perfect through all of the combinations giving me a fantastic ride and making it all feel very easy. Sadly just getting caught out at the spooky water combination, with a lot going on she lost concentration to pick up 20 penalties but then went on to complete and finish well.
Hamilton and Knights Escapade made the big track feel very easy also, being straight and accurate at the accuracy questions and bold for the big fences. Both went clear adding just few time to finish 9th and 7th!

Eyesnosebest was flying XC and she too made it feel very easy but just getting caught out by the massive step down into the quarry, something that would be new to her and it was very much an 'I Dont understand' moment. So not the result on paper that we wanted but plenty learnt and accomplished.


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