Chatsworth International 17th-18th May

An amazing weekend up at Chatsworth with the lovely Shannondale Sparky in the CIC*, Gamblers Image in the Advanced and Hamilton in the Novice. It was a lovely weekend made extra special by having Michael David Rogers Photography shadowing Ginny on Shannondale Sparky. He got some amazing shots of all 3 phases. Sparky did a fantastic accurate test for 46.6, sadly spoilt by just 1 rail down in the SJ due to a few holding areas on take off. XC again was up to height and plenty of questions, one of which for the first time ever Sparky didn't quite understand but a genuine green moment for this lovely 7 year old. He once again came away with a good experience and learnt something new.

Gamblers Image was feeling at his best, a little on his toes in the dressage fueled by scurry racing in the neighboring arena. He just about held it together for a respectable 34 in the Advanced. Show jumping has never been his strongest phase and he was a little taken back by the huge crowds and atmospheric arena, it was not the best result on paper but certainly made up for with a fantastic round XC making it all feel very simple after the course causing endless problems.

Hamilton was not on his best behavior on this day and certainly needs to buckle down and concentrate a little more before his next run! Say no more, but clear XC.

Houghton International 22nd-25th May

Back up to Norfolk we went... With Creeslough and Eires Rock for the CIC***. Starting the weekend off well, both horses did accurate tests, Ginny was slightly dissapointed with Creeslough's score of 56 after some really lovely work. Eires Rock scored a 60, and is ever improving and remaining quiet for the pointy toe bit, and becoming much more rideable than last year!

Show jumping in torrential rain is never fun especially with an up to height course on slippy going. Never the less both boys tried so hard, Eires Rock tapped a coule of poles and Creeslough just rolled the last fence having jumped a classy round!

On to the XC, not so positive sadly. The course walked well with your expected 3* challenges but certainly caused more problems than first anticipated by riders. Creeslough was not his usual pingy self and having an early problem at fence 4 in the hollow they called it a day, to save him for another day and keep his confidence intact! Eires Rock was extremely naughty and did not want to get his feet wet so he too pulled up at fence 11.

So coming away a little deflated, but in this sport it really does make you appreciate the highs and think how you can learn from the lows!

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