Somerly and Burnham Market

At a sunny Somerly Divilabit had a good run in the Intermediate, an average test was followed by a lovely double clear picking up a few time faults cross country to finish fifth in his section. His next stop was at Burnham Market and after the long drive, he was flying, literally, through the trot up and on his toes, he just about kept his cool for his test. He then followed this up with his worst form to date. He was very careless in the muddy Showjumping – conditions which usually suit him - but did not want to pick his feet up. Sadly his form didn't improve for the tough cross country, feeling very unfocused he was eliminated at the silver birch corner adding a rare blip to his otherwise untarnished cross country record. Needless to say, Divilabit has had plenty of extra corner practice ready for his next outing.

Eires Rock was also out at both Somerly and Burnham Market. He did a middle of the range test at Somerly sadly followed by two fences down in the Showjumping but he absolutely flew cross country on a fantastic clear. He was on top form at Burnham Market, although not one of his best tests, he was very consistent. He then jumped nicely out of the mud in the Showjumping with two rails. However, he made up for Divilabit’s naughty performance and pinged around the cross country course with a clear, although a little too forward at fence eighteen forcing Ginny to take a long route so clocked up quite a few time penalties. 

Creeslough did a rather unsettled test at Somerly which was unusual for him but nevertheless a fantastic double clear and another point added to his form. Ginny took him for his first Intermediate at Burnham Market. He tried his very hardest through all phases, with a middle of the range score in his dressage test and he rolled just one pole in the up to height and very muddy Intermediate Showjumping. In the cross country he felt amazing making nothing of the extra height and width, he jumped all the tricky combinations and it was only the third to last fence that Ginny felt him struggle and after a combination of him feeling rather tired from the hills, the technical fences and a little lack in confidence at the imposing coffin which he had a refusal at. Quite sensibly Ginny decided to pull up and saved for another day, he will no doubt find his intermediate form very quickly.

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