Blenheim 4*L 

Dressage Day

CHF Archie, did a respectable test in his first 4*L. Not the test or mark I was hoping for after some amazing preparations and training over the last month. Some really good bits but also some mistakes that were costly. So exciting to even have him here, thank you to his supportive owner.

He is only 9yo and has such an exciting future when everything all comes together in the white boards. Tomorrow I am sure will prove not to be a dressage competition!! A beautiful course, some serious questions and some VERY BIG jumps!

Cross country

I'm so incredibly proud of him, he felt absolute class all the way round! He jumped all the tricky combinations like a horse that has been established at this 4*L level, yet he's only 9yo!

We found a great rythmn from the start, he galloped and jumped out of his stride to be up on every minute marker. An unlucky miscommunication at the first water crossing, we were a little too quick bounding down the hill but then back on it to absolutely nail the influential 2nd water and following combinations. He gave me the most incredible ride for nearly 10mins and one that I will always remember. 

Close to the end I gave him time to catch his breath after another hill as he felt tired, then feeling of running on empty as I approached the 4th last. He jumped but I decided to put my hand up after and call it a day. He owes me nothing and he has nothing to prove, still so young and will have learnt so much. His longest and toughest track todate and he felt absolute class up to then.

So many lovely messages and great videos from my local friends and clients. It means so much!

We will be back better than ever!

Thank you Archie! And Jane his wonderful owner.


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