Osberton at Thorseby International (Thorsberton)

Final event of the season with CHF Archie in the YH CIC3*S Championship and Interlaken W and Confession Time in the CCI2* L. 

The 3 boys all tried hard in their tests with Confession Time scoring 31 and Interlaken W scoring 33. Both in their first International CCI2*L and embracing the atmosphere! CHF Archie did a grown up test for 36 in the very competitive 7yo Champs. Not yet established in the new movements but showing it's all there! For now the rain has stopped and hoping it stays away for the jumping tomorrow.

Super groom Katie Smart did an amazing job, having the boys looking picture perfect and all the white bits white, even in the mud!

The 3 boys did the team proud today in challenging conditions!! BEDE events did everything possible to run a brilliant day of XC but the weather has not been in their favour. Thank you for all of your hard work! 6yo Confession Time proved himself to be the class horse that I know he is and flew round the CCI2*L, up on the clock until the last sector, but with deep ground and not ideal take off and landings for a big jumping young horse I took him steady over the last few fences. Which were then taken out shortly after I finished costing me time but still having a confident happy horse ready for SJ tomorrow. 7yo Interlaken W, stormed round later this afternoon. He was bold, brave and honest in ground that he would not have jumped in before... clearly he knows its hunting time soon! A speedy clear and a very jolly stallion this evening, Today showed he's got what it takes as he set out and did his thing coming home with a big smile on both our faces!

7yo CHF Archie in the 7yo champs show jumping, loved the atmosphere and jumped a super clear, 1 of only 8 in the class! Hoping he remembers his Irish roots for the XC tomorrow!

Confession Time and Interlaken W flew through the trot up, a little less excited this time! But certainly looking and feeling great after XC yesterday. Confession Time jumped an immaculate clear SJ to complete on a 31 Dressage D/C in his 1st CCI2*L. Making nothing of the sticky mud and giving plenty of height!! Interlaken W, rolled a couple of poles which proved quite costly but did jump well, so happy with him this week and especially how he felt XC.

CHF Archie in the 7yo 3*S Champs, yet more rain meaning the end of the course had to be slightly altered. He stormed round the XC, taking a few fences to get focused and on the job at start but absolutely bossed the 2 main and influential combinations! So genuine and straight, its as if he's done it all before! Completing on a 36 dressage, D/C and just adding some time to finish 16th in his first international.

Thank you so much to my whole team and wonderfully supportive owners, how exciting is next season with these 3 young boys!




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