What a fab way for 'About Time Too' to finish his season, certainly making his "come back" and finishing today with a 3rd and another D/C at Calmsden.

*The highs and lows of horses*
In 2016 he had a bad injury during the preparations before heading to Blenheim 8/9yo.
In 2017 he was carefully rehabbed back into work, a long and very slow process.

An exciting 2018 planned where he was set to make his come back... but sadly 5 consecutive Retired or Eliminations later both in the SJ and XC it was thought that he didnt want to be an event horse any more. Mid 2019 season, not willing to give up on him I decided to have one more go... starting at BE100 and then on to Novice.

And here we are 8 out of 8 completions.
6 out of 8 D/C
6 out of 8 placings. 

This horse means the world to me, as quirky as he is he just proves time and ALOT of patience pays off! Now a well deserved holiday and who knows what 2020 will hold. Thank you so so much to everyone involved with getting Bob back on track and genuinely LOVING his eventing this season.

'CHF ARCHIE' or Mr Consistent owned by Jane-Nen Blakesley-Grimes does it again, his first season eventing and he's just completed his 5th Novice on a 31 Dressage and D/C to place 5th and still only 6 years old! He's learnt so much this year and has been a pleasure to produce.

It's been lovely having Jane as part of the team owning such an exciting young horse and what an exciting 2020 we have ahead! Thank you so much to all my team in helping me get him to this point. He's feeling amazing.

He will now have a well deserved holiday and wind down before winter show jumping... let's hope he doesn't practice his XC over the field fencing!!

Photos courtesy of 1st Class Images 



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