What a totally epic 4 days at Addington Equestrian 2019 BS SPRING CHAMPS!

Taking 10 of the most lovely talented and exciting horses of all levels across the 4 days!After a great start on the Thursday who knew what the following days would bring, and that was, more excitement, big jumps, lots of clear rounds and prizes.

'Tango Blu' owned by Irma Rosati has certainly come back feeling stronger and generally pretty amazing. His 2nd show back and he jumped a super Clear and Another speedy clear in the jump off with some impressive turns to WIN his 1st class. He then jumped another lovely D/C to finish 4th in the Discovery.

'CHF Archie' 6yo owned by Jane Blakesley-Grimes.
Felt on top form, jumping clear in both of his classes in the 1st round but an unlucky pole in each jump off to drop us out of contention of prizes this time. But proving so genuine and scopey on the tightest of lines and turns.

Homebred 5yo 'Time To Gamble' owned by myself, Iona Dent and Rosie Dent, is turning into a very exciting young horse! Having unlucky poles in each of his jump offs, after very careful jumping in the 1st rounds but just losing balance on occasions as he takes time to grow into him self and his huge jump.

6yo Qualifier Classes
The gorgeous 'Interlaken W' owned by myself and Nicky Bennell. Showed off his scope in a huge and very competitive class. Jumping foot perfect and a great D/C but not quite quick enough to qualify for the final. Homebred 'Time To Cavort' owned by myself is really growing into him self but doesn't quite know what to do with all his jump just yet. A tricky track for him but he tried so hard, having a couple of poles but a very exciting future for his as he continues to mature.


An unscheduled trip back to Addington after the little pocket rocket 'Trendy Captain Clover' Owned by Antonia Kaye and Milly Kaye placed 3rd in the hugely competitive Winter Grade C Qualifier on his first attempt at a BS 1.30! A huge class and certainly by far the biggest track he has jumped and on A10 format. Never the less he still made the tall uprights and wide oxers feel like a novice track. Pinging his way round but 2 poles to add after he got a little distracted and lost concentration. Plenty of atmosphere and lots going on but so much learnt and very much ready for next time!


Just when I thought it couldn't get much better..

'Confession Time' 5yo owned by Em Tweedie certainly had his springs on! Making nothing of his fences and feeling very much ready for newcomers! Jumping a perfect clear and quick jump off to take 3rd in his 1st classes, definitely losing valuable seconds for the amount of air time he gave but certainly the best way to be. Jumping for fun and so happy to be out. He had an unlucky pole in the jump off in his 2nd class after an ambitious tight turn on my part!

Quick Change around and back into the indoor for the long awaited SILVER LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL.
'Silver Lining X' Owned by Claire Foster Qualified for this directly after accumulating lots of points over the winter. A tricky course with lots of related distances but Oli, popped his way round to secure his place in the jump off. It was definitely an occassion of 'go for it' with 20 combinations through to the jump off, I knew we had to be quick. And that we were.... and could have been quicker! Taking 1 less stride down both related distances and a super tight turn he jumped brilliantly to go clear. A nail biting finish to see if we could hold on to a top 8 finish... and we did! Finishing 8th in the Championship.

As if all that excitement wasn't enough it was back out to the outdoor for more big jumps.
'Echo P' Owned by Rachael Sheppard popped round his warm up class of the Newcomers to finish 4th.  Then in a fairly large Foxhunter with plenty of opportunity for some tight turns and angles, we certainly made the most of them after a great first round clear we went for it in the jump off, going clear on the tightest lines to WIN the class with a 4 second lead!

Huge Thanks to Addington for such a wonderful show and to my loyal support team of Owners, Grooms, Sponsors, Family, Boyfriend and Friends. I couldn't do it with out you all!


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