Day 1 began with One Misty Morning running in the BE100, this lovely little horse has been so consistent! Yet again a nice test, with a couple of baby mistakes then a really great double clear to finish on his dressage score of 27.3 and place 12th in a hotly contested section. Silver Lining had a fantastic second run, round a tough XC with plenty of questions but made it feel very easy. His dressage is ever improving and will be very smart. He jumped a perfect double clear adding a few time to put him out of the placings but only his 2nd run so he enjoyed an educational round.

Day 2 - Knights Escapade and Undalgo De Windsor were competing in the international CIC* and CIC **.
Knights Escapade did a good test but now that I am asking for that bit more it resulted in a couple of annoying mistakes. He still finished on a respectable mark of 50. Following this up with a brilliant clear SJ and a super XC ride to come home and place 13th.

Undalgo De Windsor took a last minute entry in the CIC**, and certainly made the most of it. It is still early days in his career and education, and i thought the upgrade might have been a little too soon but he very much proved me wrong. Scoring a respectable 49 dressage, completing movements he is not yet established in, followed by a perfect double clear. I am very, very excited about his future,  being only 8 years old he has come on such a long way.

Day 3- The lovely Echo P, Trendy Captain Clover and Indian Prince off out for a novice run. Trendy Captain Clover did a smart test for 30, he sadly added an annoying pole to this at the last fence but went on to zoom XC clear finishing with 4 time faults and just outside the top 10. Indian Prince, did a respectable 32 dressage, and a great double clear just 2 seconds over the time to finish 13th. Giving a great ride XC and feeling like a total pro!

Lastly Echo P, once again did a smart dressage of 30 lying in the top 3. A scopey double clear but adding just a couple too many time faults XC to put us out of a top placing. Never the less giving me a super ride and us very much thinking of the future with him as he develops in strength and stamina!


After a crazy busy weekend at Rockingham, it was then off to Houghton with just one horse - About Time Too, in the CCI**.  An exciting trip with a hope of being one step closer to his Blenheim Qualification. A proper stay away show for Bob, and lots of new experiences such as the trot up in front of the big house!


His first CCI - day before dressage and XC before show jumping, so who knew how he would react.  He produced a lovely test that was accurate, despite a disagreement in the pirouettes! Scoring a respectable 50, left him lying in the top half of a large section. 
The XC was nice although with plenty of tough questions and accurate riding needed. We had a fantastic ride and came home spot on the optimum time to remain on our dressage score.

Finishing well from the XC he came out fresh for his show jumping, and jumped a really lovely clear to complete on his dressage after all 3 phases and place 17th and even more importantly gaining a CCI*** qualification.

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