Successful dressage at Addington and 2 exciting trips to the new all weather XC surface at Aston-le-walls

Dressage at Addington, 2nd Feb:
A successful outing with the ginger boys, amidst all the show jumping practice Ginny thought it would be great for them to practice flicking their toes in the dressage arenas.

Shannondale Sparky has come on so much over the winter and come back into work fitter, stronger and looking fantastic.He scored an impressive 71% in the Novice test and came away with 2nd place.

Greenlough Dave proved that he not only has a ping but can contain him self for dressage as well, even at this early stage of the year, scoring well in his test and coming 5th in the Elementary. 

Double D was not exactly sure what to expect having only ever show jumped and he thought the white boards were rather small jumps at one point. Never the less, having learnt so much over the last 2 weeks of Ginny having him he came away with a 4th place in his first ever dressage test.


2 trips to Aston-le-walls all weather XC:

Ginny took a road trip to Aston to try out their new massive all weather surface, with Shannondale Sparky, Hamilton, Double D, and Greenlough Dave. All the horses were rather wild and over excited but loved every minute. It was a good practice of tricky skinnys and solid corners. They all jumped brilliantly, not being green or spooky at all, which was likely to be the case with them having not seen a XC fence since the end of September.Double D discovered the concept of ditches, water, steps and skinnys. taking everything in his stride.

 A second trip the following saw Creeslough, Double D, Strattonstown Smartie and Gamblers Image tyring out the all weather XC.Another well awaited trip for these guys who were also rather keen, it was great practice for them, and consolidation of a few things for Double D from the following week. Creeslough was glad to be out, for the first time since Blenheim 3*, along with Gamblers Image who was rather excited and cant wait for the start of the season. Smartie was a true professional and remembered everything he learnt last season. 

All in all a good couple of days, now lets hope the weather improves so Ginny can get out on grass and do the real thing!

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