Upton House

 Upton House is a local event and was a busy one with Eyesnosebest, Watch Me, Life of Brian and the gorgeous Cavorting Ramiro.

Dressage stars Life of Brian and Cavorting Ramiro both did super smart tests for 25 and 24. At the top of the leader board Life of Brian sadly was not 100% so pulled up in the SJ.

Cavorting Ramiro felt brilliant, really getting the hang of Eventing and knowing what it is all about. He tapped a couple of rails SJ, then flew around the XC taking Ginny to all the fences and feeling bold around the spooky track. Sadly he was just caught out at the last minute 2 from home at the spooky water, but he will have come away with alot from this run.

Eyesnosebest did a great test although the judge did not agree, then a silly blip in the SJ but a perfect clear XC.

Lastly, Watch Me did a much more settled test for 32, a huge improvement on her last test ,then just rolling a couple of poles but flying XC for a clear.

Dauntsey Park

With the two girls, Watch Me and Eyesnosebest both in the BE100.
Neither doing their best test to date scoring late 30's but Eyesnosebest did a fantastic double clear for 10th place.

Where as Watch Me got a little excited about the SJ and had a couple of poles down. The XC was going very well, but the tricky angeled hedge palisade complex caught her out on this occasion which was such a shame as she was making it feel so easy.
Dauntsey is a big bold track that takes positive riding as well as accuracy so caused endless problems for the young green horses.

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