RIP Gamblers Image

Wow what can I say, thank you so so much everyone for their kind words.

So greatly missed already. I think we can say he was a legend! 
Zaffy really was a pretty cool pony competing at young riders with Iona and at 2*, taking her round her first advanced then with me to Barbury, Harpury and Blenheim *** in 2011.
He then came back to the team at the end of last season, enjoyed hunting with the bloodhounds and we took each event as it came. He had nothing to prove and in typical Zaffy style he proved he still had it in him nd wanted to be the center of attention and 3* was his thing!
He took me back to 3* at Bramham, where he felt on his best ever form
! Age was just a number in his eyes and he felt as fit and as amazing ever. Pointing his toes in the dressage he gave me my PB at that level, lying 12th on a score of 45. He certainly was saying 'Look At Me' that day!
Right up to the very last minute he looked after me and was giving me a brilliant ride around the tough XC. He didn't stop, run out or fall being the star he is, he was genuine to his very last day. It was just a complete freak accident on the flat between fences.

I had a gut instinct that his top level eventing days were over and pictured him getting fat in the field.
The scan was not good, and it was the most heartbreaking decision of my life.

He left us looking like the champ he truly is and deserved to be, he is now at rest with my beautiful Cavort, where
 I am sure they are having a pretty good time jumping and getting into mischief!
Before it was his time to go, he gave some wise words to the cheeky little one next door.. only time will tell what they were..hopefully jump extra high over those coloured poles!
I have decided to name the 2nd of my foals in Gamblers Image's memory
He will be known as 'Time To Gamble' following the theme of last years 'Time To Cavort'.

I can not thank the Dent family particularly Rosie Dent and Iona Dent enough for giving me the opportunity to know and ride such a beautiful and incredible horse!
We have had so much fun and miss him so very much but will always remember the brilliant memories and all that he taught me.Thank you for everything.

Sleep well Beautiful boy 


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