Bicton International

A long road trip down to beautiful Bicton Arena made worth while with the 3 horses getting a much needed run.

'Undalgo De Windsor' did a nice test but rather harshly marked on this occasion, after a settled and accurate test- scoring 34.
A little keen in his SJ resulting in 2 poles but a great clear XC. He particularly enjoyed the long galloping stretches and was great to have him out feeling so well. 'Cruise On Inny' did a nice test with a couple of mistakes for a 34 Dressage. He had a very unlucky pole. XC he felt brilliant and ate up the course, feeling fit and ready to run again if weather ever permits! He finished 8th in his section.

'About Time Too' did a lovely test and was in the lead going into the SJ on a score of 28.
A minor blip in this phase. He then went into the XC feeling a little out of competition practice and clearly hasn't yet remembered that he is in fact an advanced event horse after time off last year due to injury. So sadly didn't complete his event.
More schooling and hopefully he will soon come back to form!

Aston Le Walls 

Huge Thanks to the team at Aston for running, after the last minute cancellation of Whitfield.Meaning that the young horses could finally kick off their start of the season.

Day 1- 'Tango Blu' not only began his start of the season but his first ever event. A horse I have had for just 1 year. After being born and bred in Sardinia by Italian owner. He has come such a long and being patient has certainly paid off. His first time in the white boards and he takes the lead on a score of 27. Doing the most lovely, accurate and relaxed test.He then went on to jump a lovely clear in the SJ. On the XC he started green and couldn't quite understand why he was leaving the others behind but grew in confidence as the course progressed and felt fantastic, bold and brave.One little green moment at fence 5 to cost us the win but the future of this horse is very very exciting!

Day 2 - Back with 3 BE100 Boys!
'Interlaken W' had his best posh trotting shoes on and led his section on a score of 26. Followed by a great clear SJ he maintained the lead. A bold start to his XC despite the muddy conditions but just caught out at the water bank complex, something he is yet to come across adding an unfortunate 20 penalties to his score. He will have learnt from this run and the win can hopefully be his next time.

'Hero's Row' enjoyed his outing. He did a good test but marked harder than expected for a 36. Then jumped a fantastic D/C making it all feel very easy. It was great to get his 1st run under his belt and now to making exciting plans for his future. 'Ruben S' and I finally got our 1st run together. This cute gelding is a nèw ride for me this season due to his owners exam commitments. He did a flashy test with a few mistakes but overall I was very pleased. Again marked harder than I expected in this phase. He bounced around the SJ for another clear and was speedy XC for a great clear.

Really looking forward to getting these 3 out again soon to build on what we have started for 2018!



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