Shelford Manor and BCA 

Prizes, placings and happy horses - a great 2 days for the lower level horses!

Hero's Row really has taken to his eventing career - proving ever consistent! 2nd at Shelford BE100  after a 25.5 DR double clear.
2nd at BCA for his first Novice run - with a 33 DR double clear making it all feel very easy!

Interlaken W has been on great form and finding the step up to BE100 a good one. 5th in the BE100 5yo class at Shelford! Followed by a 31.5 DR, unlucky pole and clear XC at BCA.

Ruben S had a fun run at BCA following his good form. Great posh trotting for a score of 24.3 and a perfect double clear for 3rd place!





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