Owner Testimonials

Nicki Kavanagh

Owner of Sharkey and Shannondale Holly

"I was very impressed with Ginny's professionalism. She demonstrated her ability to combine an extraordinary talent with a well thought out approach to running a competition yard. She successfully brought Angellus (Sharky) on - I was delighted with the progress he made. Working with Ginny is a real pleasure. She kept us informed with Sharky’s progress week by week and let us know his competition results on the day (when we couldn’t be there). We really enjoyed our regular text updates too.”

Claire Foster

Owner of Silver Lining

"Since meeting Ginny, I feel incredibly lucky to have found someone I trust implicitly with my horses. Ginny is conscientious, kind and enthusiastic in all areas of her job. What I love most about having my horses with her is the friendly and regular updates on her progress with them, including videos. You really feel part of the team.

The horses clearly love Ginny. They are all treated as individuals and Ginny cares for them all as if they were her own. She sets out clear goals for each and every one and always keeps me informed if any adjustments need to be made. There is always a show or a training day organised to look forward to.

The set-up at Four Winds is excellent too. It is a fun yard, all the staff are very friendly, and Ginny has a lovely support network with her family. The horses enjoy all the comings and goings and have a varied and interesting life on a day to day basis.

Ginny is an intuitive, talented and brave rider. She is also very kind, and the horses go well for her. I am very much looking forward to the coming season, and feel very lucky to be one of her owners."

Louise Weir

Owner of Greenlough Dave, Veliene and One Misty Morning

"I first came across Ginny when I was looking for an event rider to take on my young event horse at short notice. I was recommended Ginny and my initial contact with her was very positive - she responded very promptly to my enquiry and was professional and welcoming from the moment we first spoke. And some 3 years later - I can honestly say that positivity has been the predominant theme to our owner/rider relationship, because Ginny is, I think, the most positive person I have ever met! 

The owner/rider relationship can be a tricky one and yet Ginny makes it as easy as possible ; she involves me at every stage of the horses' production and certainly appears to take my views into account! She is also careful to consult before incurring any additional expenditure that she believes is necessary for their ongoing development. With my young horse, she was very supportive of my desire not to rush him and the result was a horse with such an impeccable record that when we decided to advertise him for sale,  the phone rang off the hook and he sold on the first day of viewings!  Ginny's yard at her family home is a truly family affair and when you own horses with Ginny, you are made to feel part of that family. My own family are always made to feel welcome at events even if we appear when our horses are not competing, and I am always welcome to go and train on my own horse with Ginny or hack them out from her yard. Ginny genuinely does treat the horses as if they are her own with a caring yet pragmatic and professional approach that always has the horse's best interests at heart. 

All in all, Ginny is not only a talented rider who gets the very best out of the horses she rides but she also gives them the best time both training and competing. And to me, as her owner, she is friendly yet professional at all times and so I am delighted to continue to support her."

Antonia Kaye

Owner of Trendy Captain Clover

"Nearly 9 years ago we were  loaned an 11.2 pony on the condition that we kept him at the Howe’s yard at Duns Tew, Oxfordshire. Luckily, for us, there was a spare stable  and 5 horses later we are still there!

Under Ginny’s tutelage  Milly, our daughter, has progressed from pony club to British Eventing. Ginny helped find our lovely 15.1hand horse Smartie.  He had only hunted before and under Ginny’s guidance and professionalism he took to eventing successfully.  It was an absolute pleasure and joy to watch her compete him.  He always looked immaculate and it was an exciting and fun day out. Ginny instils great confidence in both horse and owner and we have not looked back.

Our daughter sadly outgrew Smartie - Ginny found him his new home, where he can continue to compete and give his next owner as much fun as we had with him.

We now have a lovely new youngster – Captain.  Ginny has again agreed to take up the reins and bring him on and compete him this season whilst our daughter is studing for her A levels."

Nicola Morrison

Owner of Cruise on Inny

"I was originally introduced to Ginny through William Fox Pitt but as fate would have it , my brother had sent horses to Ginny in the past so decision made!

I purchased Cruise on Inny (Dash) with a view to me riding him but it quickly became apparent he was far too good for me and Ginny took over.

They have a special relationship which Ginny has with all her horses and she has the gift.

In February last year, Dash had done very little, within 12 months he'd upgraded from intro and now on his way to Intermediate. 

This season we are on a roll with 2 wins and 2 seconds and have ambitious plans , so all very exciting.

I couldn't think of a nicer person I would want riding my horse and I adore the whole family.  They really are a team and the horses are very much part of their family.

Good luck Ginny, you totally deserve it!"







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