Made-to-measure riding boots

Situated in the beautiful Northern Portugal region, this manufacture recovers the ancient traditions of manual craftsmanship. Founder Artur Moreira, is passionate of the leather crafts and himself a craftsman.

Being in close relation with professional riders all products are developed, either for the efficient practice of all horse riding disciplines (amateur and professional), or for hiking and equestrian tourism purposes.

Celeris positions itself in the made-to-measure niche and offers products fully customized and tailored to each client.


Ginny's comments:

"The most beautifully made boots, with so much time, care and passion gone into producing the perfect fit! Im now on my second pair and the first still fit and look as good as new, always good to have a back up though. Cate from Celeris is extremely thoughth and takes alot of time with many many measurements to ensure the perfect fit. i can not recommend this beautiful boots enough, there is so much choice of leather, decoration, and stitch.. Decision making not made easy!!"


Ginny wearing Celeris boots:

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